AVA Institute of Electronic Recycling~Interships

AVA Institute of Electronic Recycling~Interships

Thursday, January 26, 2012

NuGreenGenIT ~ An Innovative e-Recycling Internships

In the new year 2012 Ava Institute of Electronic Recycling developed an innovative internship for college/university technology students. Here is the executive summary introduction:


AVA’s innovative e-recycling internship provides the new generation of young IT professionals a background and a ‘hands on’ training in the basics of responsible recycling. It opens the door to IT opportunities that align technology with sustainability and an innovative vision towards supply chain and cost and energy reduction issues across a wide array businesses and industries. Hence we have christened it the ‘green’ IT professionals of the new generation.

Students can learn processes for data erasure, data security, valuation and management of materials and re-marketability (reuse) of equipment. This program also offers exposure to cutting edge research in the field of reuse applications for manufacturing developing critical cost and energy saving strategies that can have applications to other industries as well. AVA supports and promotes sustainable product design among its core interests. The AVA intern also develops a sense for regulatory compliance’s as pertains to environmental and energy standards and savings which is an emerging development in the global enterprise.

Students will be introduced to all aspects of e-recycling during the 10-16 weeks of the internship (which varies based on quarterly vs. semester ceu’s) and will have completed at least one project that pertains to and possibly exceeds the coursework they are engaged in i.e.onsite data destruction for a large company, or determining the value of several scrap commodities based on market study and research or setting up a network for a large IT operation.

Finally, as noted above students are acquainted with various standards and regulations that are shaping the global ethics field. AVA is a proponent of responsible recycling and thus seeks to shape awareness of those principles whenever possible. For AVA, responsible recycling is defined as:
* A moratorium on land filling electronics and electronic components and scrap and improper and un-permitted incineration.
* Proper end market reclamation of scrap metals & materials including potentially toxic or hazardous materials.
* A moratorium on exporting hazardous materials to non- OECD countries.
* Selling non-working components for the express purposes of repair & refurbishment.
We joined Skipso CleanTech consortium and have posted the NuGreenGenIT on the Funding District part of the Skipso site and have posted the internship on half a dozen local (west suburban Chicagoland) technology schools (colleges) career boards.We’ve received a good deal of enthusiasm from the schools career services faculty and are beginning to see some student response. Our difficulty is that these positions are as yet, unfunded. Thus these internships will have to compete with salaried or even stipend-ed placements. We plan however to offer our interns
exposure to our best corporate CIO & CTO’s clients that AVA Recycling serves and thus optimize their career foothold once they graduate. I believe that more and more company and corporate IT executives (especially those with environmental and sustainability goals and programs), will be attracted to an IT workforce with a ‘green’ background such as our internships will receive.

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