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Top of the Line Complete Electronic Recycling Services in Joliet, Illinois


Joliet, IL-06 January 2014. Joliet, being the fourth largest city in Illinois, houses more than approximately 100,000 residents. This suggests that the city also has high usage of modern equipments considering today’s incredible developments. Given this logic, the city also has increased electronic equipment that will benefit from electronic recycling through AVA.


High caliber electronic appliance recycling in Joliet


Joliet serves a home of AVA Electronic Recycling, top quality recycling services that residents and commercial establishments can take advantage of in helping the environment while eliminating junks in their properties.


The procedure starts by picking up the electronic junk to different locations. Electronic wastes collected include computer monitors, televisions, printers and copiers, and other equipment used in offices or homes. The company utilizes smaller trucks and vans powered by smaller amount of fuel and with enhanced fuel efficiency to contribute in protecting the environment. Fuel efficiency also aids in cutting down fuel usage that extends a lot of advantages for everyone.


Once collected, AVA Electric Recycling will conduct proper disposal procedure to ensure everything will be safe. All machines come with metal components due to wires and other board parts. They are composed chemicals that can be problematic when disposed off improperly. Every component, from server hard drives to monitor displays, is destroyed accordingly in accordance to the standards set by authorities for electronic waste.


Everyone doing their part


Through the convenience brought about by picking up the electronic wastes, more people engage in electronic recycling in Joliet. The remarkable sight to see is that not only consumers participate in this activity. Recycling events move organizations like local governments do their part in keeping the city clean from electronic junks. Events such as churches, school and government recyclingactivities make sure to give their fair share in maintaining their local areas. These activities are held regularly to reach out to more people and organizations wanting to dispose these equipment.


Why electronic recycling is the best way to go?


Electronic equipment are not biodegradable, which calls for the importance of proper disposable whenever replaced. Advancements these days prompt consumers to upgrade their electronic appliances regularly to take advantage of their new features. Nonetheless, electronic appliances possess components that can be hazardous to the environment. With electronic recycling, appliances will be disposed of properly without posing environmental problems across the city.


With top quality service, everyone will find this procedure more convenient while taking advantage of its benefits for the city.


Be a part of this notable activity that will protect the environment while dealing with trash that you can dump the usual way. Visit AVA Electronic Recycling’s website and clean your home from unwanted electronics.


About Chicago Electronics Recycling:


They are committed to the practice of “Reusing, Reducing and Reclaiming” IT waste which contributes to a healthy environment.  The company strives to perfect their recycling methods  while ensuring that compliance with law-regulating bodies and state of the art e-waste disposal management remains a top priority.



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New Electronics Recycling company in town! For business and Free!

There is a new player in town. They service all of the local cities:

These guys are big. their name? MV Electronics Recycling
They do everything that is needed for your business. This is directly off their website:
MV Electronics Recycling is your one-stop shop for Server Recycling, UPS Battery pick Up, PC computer recycling, laptop recycling and household electronics recycling. We provide your business with a certificate of data destruction for your server, computer and laptop.Our Oak brook Electronics, Schaumburg Electronics, Naperville Electronics Rolling Meadows, Elk Grove Village and Chicago Electronics Recycling locations services all of the smaller cities surrounding them.Our Fortune 500 clients and local businesses allways get the same respect and services.
Be sure to find them.

Recycling and the state of sustainable new product design:

Recently AVA toured the Design 2 Part Design & Contract Manufacturers Chicagoland tradeshow at the Schaumburg Convention Center and were curious to find out how many of the exhibitors were knowledgeable about their company’s use of recycled materials in new product design. I found that only a handful could reliably comment and these were mostly metal fabricators which at least could and should be as we expected. But I was surprised that many of the hi-tech equipment manufacturers (or at least the sales staff) really weren’t sure. Also I was a bit surprised that many of the circuit board manufacturers were not up to date about news coming from overseas over past months about rare earth minerals & metals and of course the ‘conflict minerals’. Much of the earth’s’ supply of these appear to be bound up in China (which recently indicated that it would be scaling back exports sharply). In fact Greenbiz has been reporting monthly on how corporate giants such as Honda, Hitachi, GE, HP, Intel, Unilever and Maersk are all making strategic plans to respond to rare earth metals (also known as REM) global shortage anticipated in the next few years. Just last week Greenbiz reporter Per Meilstrup published an article called “The Resource Crisis: Closer to the Edge” which summed up what looks to be a new global materials panic over these metals which are critical for the chain for items we use, ranging from Smart phones and flat screen monitors to computers and hybrid Electronic Vehicle (EV)batteries. His article sites a recent McKinsey report entitled “Resource Revolution” in which it is predicted that very soon most major manufacturers will be scrambling to address this ‘resource shock’ head on. Most likely it is predicted that recycling these minerals from existing products will become the first line of defense. The GOOD NEWS in all of this at least from the manufacturing perspective, is that jobs are returning to US soil from Asia, China’s stranglehold on certain commodities will play out in their favor in the short term. However it’s my considered opinion that in the long run many companies will embrace a ‘recycled materials’ option. Perhaps in coming years we will see the seal on our products saying not only “Made In America” but “Made in America With 100% Recycled Material” And so We dream! Over & out for now Scrapdawg Other related articles:

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What are your views on the Chicago Land electronics Recycling growth and Law?

Not everyone knows, but there is a law that bans Covered electronics from entering landfills. This law came into play 2012. what are your views on it?

AVA Institute of Electronic Recycling~Interships

AVA Institute of Electronic Recycling~Interships

Thursday, January 26, 2012

NuGreenGenIT ~ An Innovative e-Recycling Internships

In the new year 2012 Ava Institute of Electronic Recycling developed an innovative internship for college/university technology students. Here is the executive summary introduction:


AVA’s innovative e-recycling internship provides the new generation of young IT professionals a background and a ‘hands on’ training in the basics of responsible recycling. It opens the door to IT opportunities that align technology with sustainability and an innovative vision towards supply chain and cost and energy reduction issues across a wide array businesses and industries. Hence we have christened it the ‘green’ IT professionals of the new generation.

Students can learn processes for data erasure, data security, valuation and management of materials and re-marketability (reuse) of equipment. This program also offers exposure to cutting edge research in the field of reuse applications for manufacturing developing critical cost and energy saving strategies that can have applications to other industries as well. AVA supports and promotes sustainable product design among its core interests. The AVA intern also develops a sense for regulatory compliance’s as pertains to environmental and energy standards and savings which is an emerging development in the global enterprise.

Students will be introduced to all aspects of e-recycling during the 10-16 weeks of the internship (which varies based on quarterly vs. semester ceu’s) and will have completed at least one project that pertains to and possibly exceeds the coursework they are engaged in i.e.onsite data destruction for a large company, or determining the value of several scrap commodities based on market study and research or setting up a network for a large IT operation.

Finally, as noted above students are acquainted with various standards and regulations that are shaping the global ethics field. AVA is a proponent of responsible recycling and thus seeks to shape awareness of those principles whenever possible. For AVA, responsible recycling is defined as:
* A moratorium on land filling electronics and electronic components and scrap and improper and un-permitted incineration.
* Proper end market reclamation of scrap metals & materials including potentially toxic or hazardous materials.
* A moratorium on exporting hazardous materials to non- OECD countries.
* Selling non-working components for the express purposes of repair & refurbishment.
We joined Skipso CleanTech consortium and have posted the NuGreenGenIT on the Funding District part of the Skipso site and have posted the internship on half a dozen local (west suburban Chicagoland) technology schools (colleges) career boards.We’ve received a good deal of enthusiasm from the schools career services faculty and are beginning to see some student response. Our difficulty is that these positions are as yet, unfunded. Thus these internships will have to compete with salaried or even stipend-ed placements. We plan however to offer our interns
exposure to our best corporate CIO & CTO’s clients that AVA Recycling serves and thus optimize their career foothold once they graduate. I believe that more and more company and corporate IT executives (especially those with environmental and sustainability goals and programs), will be attracted to an IT workforce with a ‘green’ background such as our internships will receive.

View more at:

click AVA Institute upper right corner of page
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Chicago Data Destruction and wiping

DATA Destruction

by ScrapDawg on 02/21/12

Chicago Data Destruction and wiping

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where electronic data hides.

Recently I visited a prospective client in Oakbrook IL and was asked if AVA could provide in house data destruction of their digital copier/printer. I said sure though for a moment I was puzzled and had forgotten that newer digital copiers have installed hard drives. Over that weekend I was doing some casual research on data destruction (unrelated to copiers) and unexpectedly came across the article from the Info Law Group, “FTC Issues Guide to Businesses on Securing Digital Copiers”.
This sparked my curiosity as to how many other personal and business devices that are used daily are capturing and retaining proprietary or confidential business information (CBI) that escapes our awareness? For instance, AVA recycles lots of cell phones for consumers and our corporate customers who usually remove the SIM card prior to submitting for disposal. Even without the SIM many phones do retain data. So what about scanners or other electronics designed to read data?

We will continue to update this blog as new information becomes available.
It’s our hope that our readers will consider the apparently many overlooked places where their important data may hide and be proactive in securing these storage devices. In the meantime we invite you to read the entire article noted above which has been reproduced here with the kind permission of the author Richard Santalesa and the Info LawGroup:

AVA recommends our readers visit for other pertinent articles, papers & information on legal issues surrounding data related topics.
Thanks again to Richard Santalesa & Info LawGroup.
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E-recycling Intership

by ScrapDawg on 02/21/12